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Surprising Facts & Stats of Email Marketing

Surprising Facts & Stats of Email Marketing

“Email Marketing is Dead”

“Email Marketing is not effective anymore.”

“Email Marketing is going to give negative ROI.”

Do you agree with those words? If you say yes, I would like you to give them another thought. Still, if you think you don’t need that, at least go through the facts and stats given below. I am confident that after going through the information in this article, you will change your mind. As you are already aware of what is Email Marketing, I think I should come to the point straightaway. Let’s start.

You might be thinking from a personal perspective that most of the promotional emails you receive ends up in the trash. What if I say, “Email can be 40 times more effective in getting a new client than social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.” The table below will help you in understanding it better.

Total number of users2.6 billion1.7 billion313 million
First online “check” of the day58%11%2%
Use this channel at least daily91%57%14%
Prefer this channel for permission-based promotional messages77%4%1%
Most frequently used channel for personal messages45%12%0%
Users check here for a deal from a company they know44%4%
Users who made a purchase as the result of a marketing message from this channel66%20%6%
Customers Acquired7%<1%0%
Inbox Placement Rate/Organic Reach79%1-6%<1-30%
Open/Click-Through/Engagement Rate18% OR / 3.7% CTR0.07%0.03%
Distribution of Global Content Sharing Activities4%57%18%
Delivers an Excellent ROI21%15%
Customer Lifetime Value+12%+1%-23%
OwnershipFull ownershipNo OwnershipNo Ownership

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