Check bulk domain metrics with MOZ API Access ID and Secret ID


MOZ DA is one of the most renowned domain metrics to get an idea of a domain’s authority on a search engine. It can be used to estimate how well a domain or website will rank on search engines. However, it is not the only factor to estimate a website’s strength. In fact, it is quite worthless in lots of cases. We will discuss that on some other day. For now, we should find out how we can use free MOZ APIs to check bulk domain authority and other MOZ metrics.

Step 1

First of all visit MOZ login page to login to your MOZ account. If you are not a registered user, you can sign up for a free account with an email ID.


Step 2

Once you are logged in, visit this page which asks you if you want to try Free MOZ APIs. Click on the button which says “Try it Free!”. You can check the first or featured image of this post for reference. Once you click the “Try it Free!” button, it will redirect you to a web page where you can find Access ID, Secret ID, and how many hits your IDs have received in recent intervals.

MOZ API dashboard

Step 3

Once you have your account’s Access ID and Secret ID, you can use MOZ’s pre-built libraries to hit the APIs and get the desired metrics. I understand that a lot of readers will find it hard to accomplish. Don’t worry, I am still here. Those who can use the libraries can do it their own way. For others, I have designed a free bulk domain authority checker. Moreover, it is designed to support multiple access IDs and Secret IDs (as Free MOZ APIs accept only one hit per 10 seconds, you can use multiple access IDs and secret IDs to speed up the process).

You just need to put your access IDs and secret IDs inside the textareas. Make sure you use the proper sequence for entering access IDs and secret IDs. For example, if an access ID is in the first row of ‘access ID textarea’, the secret ID of the same account should be in the first row of ‘secret ID textarea’. Using the same pattern you can put multiple access IDs and secret IDs. After entering access ID(s) and secret ID(s), enter the list of domains into the 3rd and last textarea. Make sure you enter one domain or URL in each row. After you have entered all these values i.e. access ID(s), secret ID(s) and URL(s), click the ‘Submit’ button. It will start showing results in a table below the textareas.

Hope you find it useful. Put your doubts and suggestions in the comments below. Thanks.

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